At last...

And here we are… We’ve made it to the last possible reason why no one likes my art based off of this link I found randomly online when I was asking myself why have I not yet been successful. I started late November 2016 and it is now the night before the new moon in February 2019 and since then, no one’s purchased a thing from me… ACTUALLYYYY… that’s a lie and we all know that! Though it’s been a “long” and slow journey, things have happened since then and I couldn’t be more proud. (this is also a lie, I was actually super disappointed in myself sometime before writing this)

Since I first started this, I’ve done 2 commissions, sold a few prints, and was able to donate proceeds from prints to those affected by the Camp Fire last year (plus or minus a few other things). That’s pretty fuckin awesome to me… Though part of me still yearns for more time to create and focus and not feel so depleted by the end of the day or week. I don’t know how some artists do it but I have the hardest time staying focused or keeping consistent.

I’m currently in a stage of… “stuck”.. or is it really stuck? I am back to feeling as if I don’t know what my style is or if I could even draw still. It’s a strange, sick cycle and it sucks! So to keep me kind of going without being too serious, I’ve reupped my 100 days project. I stopped somewhere around 15 last year and have been doing 1 to 3 a day and am now at 42. I haven’t gone this far before and it’s kind of cool.

But I’m also not taking it too seriously….

26. You take it too seriously

This is easier said than done if you care a great deal for your craft. However, often the thing you need most in improving the quality of your work is to shift your mindset. Make a conscious decision to enjoy your process, your business, your customers.

Calming down and seeing the joy in what you do will have a profound effect on your output.

I started drawing on post its a few years ago. I’ve attempted the 100 days project a few times before when I purchased this book but every time I did it, I never got too far. It seemed like I didn’t allow myself to relax and have fun with the doodles but tried to stay all moody and broody…. I actually started this with the intent of keeping consistent with an instagram pod… I was kicked out due to inactivity…. I really wanted to finish this up so I told myself to keep going. So far, these drawings have been easier to tackle but at the same time, is one of the most challenging because I decided to doodle everything using my non-dominant hand.

As I’m drawing and writing, I feel like I’m a 5 year old holding a pencil for the first time. Everything’s jagged and marks get made where I don’t want them. I’ve also decided that with this challenge, I wouldn’t restart a drawing either. It’s gonna be shitty anyways so it’s not like anyone would notice…. It’s really been fun. /sarcasm.

I really do love how everything is turning out though. Knowing that I can make a flower look like a flower and not just chicken scratches. I’ve been really into it that the other day, I realized I’ve only been drawing with my left hand for a few days straight and I felt as if I forgot how to draw with my right hand. It was pretty scary but also comforting knowing that doing this challenge made me realize that if anything were to happen, I can always teach myself again. This could apply to anything.

But… I think what’s an important factor is that I am having fun. I would hate to have to relearn math any more challenging than algebra knowing that I don’t want to or have to use it again. Math is cool when you understand it and learn it but I also don’t have a use for it. (This is probably going to kick me in the ass in the future). I want to relearn how to use different tools for painting, this is something I think I’d have fun learning how to do and would help me better for my path.

With this blogging challenge I gave myself done, I want to keep challenging myself with art but not just with left hand doodles. I want to have the time to focus on stories to tell and mediums to improve on and explore. I want to create art that people like enough to support me so I can support myself…. But in due time I guess. In the meantime, I will continue to work silently over here, updating periodically… Probably with a new challenge to keep ya entertained ;)

Hope you like the doodles.

❤ ClarizeYale

P.S. I probably will have a new challenge because I decided to join a Facebook group doing The Artist’s Way Workbook together. The dude who made the group is a business coach though so I’m kind of confused of the correlation… so we will see how it goes. It would be good to do it anyways.

P.P.S. As I wrap this up, I am listening to the Don’t Keep Your Day Job interview with OhJoy. OhJoy was one of the first designers/bloggers that I started to follow that decided to start freelancing to get to where she is now… This was years ago… so it’s as though the universe is coming full circle to show me my own path.