Come and see me for once

I can be pretty shy... I can be pretty outgoing. I think I've said before that It's hard for me to share my work with others. Part of this diary/website/portfolio is creating a habit for people to see my work. To hopefully have people like and appreciate the things I make. To want me to make something for them. 

I try my best to post somewhat consistently on some form of social media. To include hashtags so people can find me. Sometimes the captions I've used aren't the greatest. Not even humble but more like... "see me, but really... you don't have to.. but if you do, that's cool too" and it seems pretty sad :(

So with this weeks challenge, I continue to challenge myself to share something I've created that I actually like in hopes that people who already follow me appreciates it and increases my chances of other viewers and artists to see and appreciate what I've made.

19. You aren’t generating exposure

You’ve heard it before. If you don’t put in the effort to get eyeballs in front of your work (and the right kinds of eyeballs at that), no matter how masterful the work is, you won’t get very far in terms of gaining a positive response from people, let alone any response.

This applies to all your best work, because if you promote one piece well, but no one knows your other work, and have therefore not grown in approval of you (including through social proof), that piece may not generate the response it deserves.

People are funny creatures, and react with some distrust towards things they are unfamiliar with. People respond better to things they trust; and this leads to good previous exposure of your art.

This weeks drawing... I referenced a photo of LTNDA that I had bookmarked for some time now... I hope you like it :)


PS. I try not to think about numbers of followers and likes on social media. It is very nice to get them but I don't think that's what life is all about. I think of all the artists I admire and who's work I've purchased or come upon over the years and wish I had appreciation done in the same way I am towards them. 

PPS. Please listen to Creative Pep Talk. One episode stuck with me and it was regarding finding your "self" or your style. Mr Andy J Pizza went on about making work that feels true and authentic to you. Anything that feels forced just isn't it. How do you find that? Well, he said that it's never a good idea to ask friends and family what they think of your artwork. I guess cuz they would be biased and would just love it for what it is. Instead, you would ask other artists. BUT because your family/friends would know your personality the best, they could point out what looks or feels the most like the artist...

I wonder... Is this it? I don't know. But I do know this feels natural.