Show me what you got

Part of this... journey is about finding my skill.

I've created artistically with a pen, pencil, paint, and paper on and off for as long I can remember and over time I have seen my failures and improvements in my work. I've taken classes where I've been critiqued but not quite enough classes to broaden my learning. I've taken the time to try studying on my own but would not continue only after a few days. Sometimes I feel like it's not that I don't know how to draw, it's that I don't feel like I apply everything I've learned into something I create. The shittiest thing is seeing me "try" and not coming up with something I'm proud of. Am I trying hard enough? Am I applying my skills in the best ways that I know? What could be improved? How can I improve? 

The Sailor Moon series I'm doing would have to be my current form of study in producing pieces that test my knowledge and skills. Though, I feel like they could be better, I'm very proud to be making full pieces meant to be in a series no matter if they're amazeballs or not. I don't feel like I ever took the opportunity to create this kind of work growing up when I've always wanted to. School assignments always went by so fast... So why not start now? 

Maybe after further observation, my work may not have much skill. Or maybe I really am that skillful I'm like the Goddess of Art (haha)... But I'm here to show you that I have at least some skillful traits in how I create.

This week's challenge wants to put me all down...

17. It lacks skill

This ties in with practicing over time, but deserves to be mentioned on its own. Skill is something that, by its very nature, requires ongoing, repetitive practice. After some time, you get to a certain level at which the way you work could be considered skillful. Prior to this, you are an observer and a student.

When you achieve skill in something, you switch from observer to owner, and your creations take on a whole new form.

And after finally working up the courage to paint and ink this thing... Sailor Jupiter~

I really need to do a better job documenting my process. I loved doing that when I was working on Sailor Moon! I think the overwhelming feeling of needing this to just be done took over and, as always, I rushed through the process. 

I've been told the pieces so far have a kind of ethereal feel, like they're goddesses or something, I think it may have to do with the closed eyes, hand gestures, and of course, their pose. This time, I used a photo of Sideara St. Claire as reference. She had the perfect pony tail, messy blunt bangs, and face. Sideara has awesome platinum blonde hair that painting this one brown was a bit of a trip.

Her favorite flower in the manga (according to the internet) is the Sasanqua. A generally pink flower with a yellow center that usually comes in bushes. Her uniform is green and pink so it was interesting combining the two unlikely colors as little details and background color.

As Sailor Jupiter, guardian of the planet of thunder, I loved the "lightning" font inspired by the band Slayer combined with "my" lettering. A touch of twinkle and of course, parts of this piece has glow in the dark elements. 

Combining my research and artistic skills in drawing and painting, I've come up with something kind of skillful, yea? I've studied just enough art to understand that everyone has their own personal approaches to art. Sometimes it can be random like throwing paint across the floor. Sometimes it can be humorous and seemingly nonsensical like a pipe with the accompanied lettering making perfect sense. Sometimes it's idolizing your favorite cartoon characters with your own artistic likeness... This is something a lot of my favorite, female, badass artists do and I kind of want to be someones favorite, female badass artist too. To get to that point, you definitely need a ton of skill... and I know  I'm not there yet.

I just realized that I've never shared Sailor Mercury or Sailor Mars. So here they are! I'm quite excited to get started on Sailor Venus...

The colors may be off as I'm using the tablets camera for these photos :P

I mean, they're pretty badass, yea???


P.S. I want to be more interactive with you all. What do you feel is your top artistic skill?  What do you wish you were better at? For me, if I wanted to try that hard, I can draw the shit outta something with pencil. I don't like it but it's there.... I wish I were a littttleeee bit better with lettering. At least better at coming up with my own style (isn't that what I'm doing tho? practice more!)

P.P.S. Not that anyone is really reading this but... I was a little under the weather last week and needed to rest (hah, what is rest?) but I'm feeling a little bit better now that I took advantage of the extra day off to sit down and paint... on Twitch! Woohoo!