What's your purpose?

I feel like today's challenge is a bit similar to challenge #5 (you don't know why you're doing something). 

Let's just get right to it:

10. You lack a purpose

Know why it is you do what you do at a level beyond the end user experience.

Look towards something greater than yourself. Take pictures professionally to contribute to society, over solely making you look good. A solid purpose in this way will motivate you, thus leading to better work, and work that people are drawn to who also share your purpose.

I guess beyond having this "need" to create using a pencil or pen and paper, I want to create things that other people would enjoy too. Something they can relate to, feel connected in someway to my drawings or words, something similar to how I feel when deciding to buy another artists prints. 

I hope that the work I do transforms into pieces that people would want to hang up on their walls or share with their friends. I'm not quiteeeee there yet but I hope I'm getting there. 

Here's today's drawing...

This is in correlation to the Character Design Challenge group I've joined on Facebook and this months challenge is Harry Potter. I've been slacking in the CDC that I was a little hesitant to draw something this month. But why should I pass up on a theme that I actually enjoy? I loved the Harry Potter series growing up that I shouldn't say no to such an opportunity. One of my favorite characters and outfits was Fleur Delacour in her wedding dress so I decided to give it a go. Not only was her wedding dress something special to me but the wedding scene and ceremony was something I remember swooning over (I have a very difficult time remembering scenes and tho I don't remember this one to detail, I remember the feeling it left me with.... And this is why I create! FEELINGS).

And of course, improvements need to be made. I'm a little challenged with fine details but I want to be better at them. I do like the overall look so I'm not complaining. 

Woohoo! I drew something again :)


P.S. Sorry the sketch is so hard to see. I took only one photo and didn't check it before I started inking. I really do need a scanner :/