My name is ClarizeYale (KLUH-ree-zee-yayl ) and I am a Pinay artist and illustrator from San Francisco, CA.

I love illustrating and painting as well as learning new techniques and mediums that peak my interest. My main subjects are the female form but I enjoy doodles that include animals and plants as well. My artistic interests also include street art and art nouveau and I am forever trying to figure out how to combine my love for the two.

I have a passion for being able to give back so you may notice that some prints for sale include a small percentage of the proceeds that may be donated to a specific organization, fund, or charity. Please take the time to support art that helps support others!

As a non-conventional stoner, I am hoping to break the stigma of what a cannabis user looks like and what that means to me as an artist. I have a slight obsession with Hello Kitty and cats despite not having a cat of my own and I hope to one day live in a house filled with plants, kitties, and a lot of sunshine while living a sustainable creative life and career.


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